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The Founder

Mary Norman

Mary has over 20 years of nonprofit experience and knows what it takes to build a successful event - while bringing exceptional value to sponsors and partners.

Mary Norman developed Animal Attraction Events® in 2019 as a fun way of uniting pet lovers while helping homeless animals.  An event producer and partnership expert, Mary has worked for many highly respected national and international nonprofits.  While Senior Vice President of Development and Communications with the Jane Goodall Institute, she produced the Institute’s Global Leadership Awards in Los Angeles honoring one of the world’s greatest animal lovers: the late Betty White.  Throughout her tenure at the Institute, Mary had the distinct honor of working with the legendary primatologist, conservationist, and advocate for animals, Dr. Jane Goodall. 

In the United States, it is no surprise that we love our pets. According to a 2021-2022 survey by the American Pet Products Associates,  70 percent of households include a four-legged member – 69 million with a dog and 45.3 million with a cat. Today, we see our pets as important members of our families with some couples even including them in their wedding ceremonies as they begin their lives together. Realizing the important role pets play in our lives,  Animal Attraction Events has partnered with Cruise Planners to develop trips and cruises to exotic locations to bring animal lovers together.

*Data provided via Global Market Insights


We envision our work building awareness for the plight of homeless animals -ultimately, increasing shelter adoptions across the country. Through our custom events we are uniting those who love animals to raise funding, inspire action, and create new lasting friendships.


To produce events that entertain, inspire and unite pet lovers while supporting animal charities.

Core Values

Our values direct the decisions we make and the ways in which we interact with nonprofits, sponsors, volunteers, and team members. Our values direct how we focus our time and energy.

We approach our work in an ethical, transparent, and honest manner.

We are committed to demonstrating compassion and kindness in all that we do.

We work on behalf of the greater good to reduce the number of cats and dogs in
shelters across the country.

We work to ensure that local nonprofits receive the support they need to fund their work for homeless animals in their communities. This is a priority.

Our success is determined by the positive ways in which we work with our local
communities, partners, members, and team, to achieve our mission.

We value an environment that is welcoming, treating all people with respect.